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Recover legs faster

GLADI8R series is the next evolution, using dynamic using dynamic air compression to advance your wellness, recover faster, improve your training, and maximize your performance.

GLADI8R technology helps to increase circulation, revive muscles, and reduce swelling and has long been the choice of elite athletes and consumers throughout the globe.


Warm-up and Recover like never before, for the Ultimate massage experience.

The GLADI8R uses dynamic air compression to create a restorative massage that helps you feel refreshed faster.

16 levels of compression and our technology deliver precise treatment.

6 overlapping zones by using biomimicry to replicate the natural muscle pumps and one way valves of the legs.

Innate, fresh design

GLADI8R 1.0’s fresh system design features an intuitive interface, reduced weight, and the ability to unlock next-level features and customization.

Simply zip in and power up the most advanced dynamic air compression system on the planet.


Backed by science, used by the best

Designed by Professionals, GLADI8R 1.0 is an original, tested, and is one of the most scientifically backed dynamic air compression system on the market.

Designed to provide improved mobility and profound restorative healing results.

GLADI8R 1.0 has long been a trusted system by the world’s top athletes and consumers everywhere looking to advance their wellness.

Details and specifications

Compact, lightweight control unit (3.2lbs) 

Removable hosing

Weight: 3.2 lbs control unit Attachments: Leg attachments (2) Back Attachment (1)

Battery: Up to 5 hrs

Provides extra time and pressure in a particular zone

Compression levels: 16 levels

Control unit dimensions: 4 x 4.5 x 8.5 in

TSA approved, Approved by TSA for carry-on


What’s included with your GLADI8R 1.0 Legs

Gladi8r 1.0 control unit. (The actual device)

Attachments. (Leg attachments (2) Back Attachment (1)

Power supply. (Connect and charge your device)

Hose. (Connects the control unit to the attachments)

What does GLADI8R 1.0 do?

1. Give your body a boost

GLADI8R 1.0 compression therapy increases circulation and helps you maintain your full range of motion, leaving you fresh and limber.

2. Unlock your next level

Give yourself the competitive advantage of recovery compression boots, and warm up faster, so you are always ready to give it your all.

3. Conquer sore muscles

GLADI8R is like the best massage of your life. It’s proven to help with lymphatic drainage, and decrease pain and soreness so you never have to let DOMS cramp your style.

4. Get science-backed recovery

Science is in our DNA. GLADI8R was created by a pro athletes as and designed with input from top PHD and MD professionals and sports medicine professionals.

5. Customize your sessions

Choose your own settings with adjustable time, pressure, and Zone Targeting options.

6. Keep the whole squad on point

Compression therapy benefits more than just your legs. GLADI8R 1.0 is also available for the hips and arms so your whole body gets to feel refreshed and revived.